Dinner and Drinks @ TENFACE – Bangkok

Posted on 01 February 2010

Andrew Derrick

This boutique hotel of serviced apartment suites is the epitome of “cool”. It is located in the middle of Bangkok but off the beaten path, giving this place a very VIP feeling. The styling and design is both ethnic and minimalist. The whole theme of the hotel is based on the Southeastern Asian epic of Ramakien. It’s the story of a ten-faced giant Tosakan, who fights with the King Rama for the beautiful goddess Sita. Usually, when I hear “theme” I think Vegas, but here it gives this place a mood that feels both playful and edgy.

Getting here can be a little tricky though. I always tend to think that cabdrivers know exactly where I want to go. In Bangkok it’s a little different. In a huge city with so many hotels and restaurants, you might want to have a map to get here, especially if you’re coming from the airport. As I entered the hotel, the first thing I noticed were the glossy dark wood floors and gallery white walls contrasted by the black graphic pop of the Ramakien motifs.

The Wanara Eatery here at TENFACE is busiest at breakfast and lunch, which is evidently popular with Japanese housewives who live in the neighborhood. But dinner offers an intimate experience with many exceptional choices. The food is inventive and modern and the chef is a master at presentation. One of my favorites was the Shrimp on Sugar Cane. It’s like dessert and an appetizer in one. I don’t really think you’re supposed to eat the sugar cane, but I couldn’t help chewing on it because it tastes like candy. I also had a great soft-shell crab salad and I really enjoyed the monkfish, which was cooked perfectly. They even have this really great drink that’s cola spiked with a blend of Thai spices. It was incredibly refreshing.

Sita Bar named after the goddess, you remember the story, will surprise you with it’s hip and loungy feel. The décor is a mix of jewel-tones and reflective surfaces. The bar offers some great house drinks mixed by the friendly staff. My favorite was Sita’s Bosom, a blend of vodka and flavored liqueur infused with tea. You can even see the tea leaves in the bottom of the martini glass. Probably the coolest thing about this bar is that there is a DJ every night. Unfortunately, there aren’t any records here for old skool vinyl lovers like myself, however, DJ Pipek, (Pipek is the name of Tosakan’s brother by the way) not only serves up the beats that keep this place pumping but he also acts as entertainment guru and social concierge for people looking for the all-night experience.

TENFACE is truly a hidden gem here in Bangkok. The feel is high-end and chic but is also very affordable. I was able to view one of the spacious thoughtfully designed rooms, but I was not able to stay here. I hope to make a trip back for the full experience. In the meantime, I would check it out for your self.  Even the website is cool!

81 Soi Ruamrudee 2 Wireless Rd.
Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 Thailand

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