Hotel Indigo London-Paddington

Posted on 05 January 2010

A Robb Wirt Experience

As my London escapades come to an end, I relocate over to the Paddington area to check out Hotel Indigo, a 4 star branded boutique hotel. No! I didn’t get kicked out of my last hotel. You’re so silly. First thing I noticed was how close the hotel is to the tube. It’s literally a 3 minute walk with four suitcases. I told you before, I don’t travel light. One suitcase was just for my shoes. So anyway, we’re walking towards the hotel noticing that it’s situated between cafes and a 24 hour mini-mart, with Hyde Park on the other side of the street. Hanging above the entrance is a ginormous basket of flowers. Come to find out, it’s the world’s largest hanging basket. The 20×10 foot structure weighs over a quarter of a ton and it took a team of designers, engineers, and gardeners 3 weeks to construct and includes over 100 different varieties of seasonal plants and flowers. So puuurty. We check in and go to our room. Now, I don’t spend a lot of time in hotels because that would really defeat the purpose of traveling, wouldn’t it? But you want to know about the newly renovated room, don’t you? Here’s the lowdown. Our room was reasonably sized with a standard double bed. The hotel also has rooms with a king and rooms with 2 twin beds.

Unfortunately all of the rooms with 2 beds are on the basement level. I guess I’m kind of spoiled in the U.S. where I seem to always have 2 queen beds. What can I say; it’s fun to jump back and forth. Anyway, the bed and comforter were super plush and comfy and aided in the nightly recovery. One night we saw Aqua in concert. Yes, they’re still around, and yes, they have more than the one song you know, “Barbie Girl.” So as I was saying, the bed indulged my senses and aided in the recovery process. Yes, at my age it’s a process. The trendy room also had a couch and a desk for my laptop to rest. My laptop bathed in the free internet and loved it! Each room also has an iPod docking station which totally came in handy because you know how often the iPhone needs recharging. And I really can’t imagine a moment unable to update my Facebook status. I would probably just die. It’s important to keep the phone charged no matter where I am. Thanks for thinking of the little things Indigo! The bedrooms feature stunning photomurals that just add to the trendiness of the ambiance. Next stop, the bathroom. Oh my! Ren products! Sweet! The only thing missing was a shower cap. I didn’t need one, but maybe you would? The spa-like shower experience made me want to stay wet for a little bit longer… This sassy hotel also offers a 24-hour gym with all the standard machines and free weights. But you’re on vacation and walking all over the place, so really, is it necessary to work out too? What? Are you trying to make us all look bad with your svelte body? I’m not having it! Have some bacon at the casual, gourmet restaurant which offers locally-sourced, British dishes with a twist. They also offer room service. I had a delicious breakfast. I was glad it was included in the room price though, otherwise it would have been out of my budget. Loved the hotel and location, but with the paparazzi close to finding me, it was time to head home. I escaped to the Heathrow airport via the Heathrow Express, just steps away at the Paddington Station. 15 minutes later I was at the airport and on my way home. But now that I’m home, I want to go back…

Hotel Indigo London-Paddington
16 London Street, Paddington,
London, W2 1HL England, United Kingdom
Phone: 44-207-7064444

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