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Posted on 14 December 2009

A Robb Wirt Experience

“A one in a million chance, you know the moment that you crossed over the line, a casual glance, no one has to read between the lines, in the south of France it was Spring time, special feelings come alive!” OK, so it’s actually London in the Fall, but whatevs. I’m sitting down to what is about to be one of the most incredible dining experiences ever. Close your eyes and follow me, I’ll show you a world you’ve never been to because I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking the food in London sucks. Work with me here, because you’re so wrong. Take a ride in my dining machine, what I got is what you need. Let me take you there. Let me take you there tonight… After a long day of being chased by paparazzi, I just want to relax and have a sexy dinner to refuel for the evening antics of the city. A place not laden with obvious tourists and flashing cameras is an added plus. With its killer location overlooking the Tower Bridge, I pop into the posh Le Pont de La Tour in the Butlers Wharf Building, which offers Modern European cuisine with French and Mediterranean influences.

From the moment I entered I knew this was going to be a celebration of delight. A dining affair was about to be unleashed and to the previous restaurants that I have been so faithful too, I bid farewell, as I’ve found somewhere new. I said farewell! The host took my dinner jacket to the jacket-sitter so I could sit in comfort in the elegant dining room. Sophistication was in the air and I was finally in my element. The waiter and sommalier then greeted us with enthusiasm and charm. They were simply infectious. I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the forthcoming meal. We began our adventure with a Native Lobster Bisque. Its luscious taste exceeded all expectations.

Followed by a Duck and Pistachio Ravioli that was sinfully delightful. A simple display won my affection but the flavor kept me on for round two. We had Seared Sea Scallops enhanced with pumpkin, sage, and pine nut butter sauce. To die for! As I’m writing this article, I am longing for more. But wait, there was more! A roast English rose veal chop with leaf spinach and a choron sauce. Tender love you’re so succulent and juicy! For dessert we had Guanaja cake, ginger mousse, and a Jivara Milkshake all Assiette of Valrhona Chocolate. Each course was properly served with a complementing wine, which I left up to the discretion of our Sommelier. His intense wine education shined through with each selection. He awakened my senses! No wonder Nicolas Clerc is an award winning expert (UK Sommelier of the year 2007)! Bravo! The wine list at Le Pont de la Tour is considered to be among the best in London so you’re sure to be pleased. And relax, your sommelier will comfort you if you begin to feel overwhelmed with the many choices. Before closing out we enjoyed a cappuccino and the breath-taking view of the Tower Bridge and Thames River.

Le Pont de La Tour
The Butlers Wharf Building
36d Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YE
Phone: 020 7403 8403

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