Dolada Italian Restaurant – London

Posted on 20 December 2009

I recently paid a visit to Dolada, the Italian restaurant located in a basement space in Mayfair. We walked in to warm, smiling faces who greeted us and created a positive feeling from the moment we stepped in the door. Dolada is not like your average Italian fare restaurants that offer heaping helpings of Spaghatti and Meatballs or all the other usual suspects, Dolada offers unique concepts in Italian food.  You might be taken aback by the style of the dishes brought out on the same token each dish makes for great conversation.  Like many high end restaurants, Dolada has a menu that changes completely according to seasonal and territorial ingredients but unlike other restauarnts Dolada presents each dish in a unique and almost abstract fashion without compromising flavor. The original restaurant Dolada is located in Italy in a village known as its namesake and has been open since 1923. The dishes that were brought out to us were consistently delicious and well-executed. Chef Riccardo De Pra adds that artful twist on traditional Italian dishes. Marsala-steamed lobster with French truffle, marinated sardines, lasagna with prawn and squid and most clever of all the Venetian mixed fry. The mixed fry consists of a glass vase contraption which is placed in front of you. At first you will wonder what it is and what you’re supposed to do with it until your waiter comes over and explains that you are supposed to drink it all at once. I sipped on it slowly so that I could comprehend all the flavors going on at once. I must say this was a clever dish that not everyone can handle. My dining partner was a little bit scared of “gulping her appetizer” but even if you don’t like the idea of “drinking your dinner”, it’s still an experience to be had. The dessert, like the rest of the dishes at Dolada are creative. The Tirama-glu is scrumptious and not like your typical tiramisu with its gooey insides. The grande finale consists of a plate of various chocolates: coconut, peanut butter, milky, dark and milk. Dolada offers excellent, warm service and deliciously unique food and you can’t go wrong here.

13 Albemarle Street
Mayfair, London, W1S 4HJ, United Kingdom
020 7409 1011

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