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Posted on 03 December 2009

After ten years of ‘saving face’, the top estheticians at Bliss Spas have tapped into their expert ‘glow-how’ to extract an overachieving age-defying facial called “The Youth As We Know It”. This needle-free collagen boosting treatment simultaneously works to erase time and relieves tension helping to relax both you and your wrinkles. This revolutionary spa service will transform your face and V-zone (that’s décolleté in spa speak) in an hour, blending the best-loved essentials of a bliss facial – a gentle cleansing and a massage for your scalp, arms, hands and feet.

This intensive yet unwinding facial includes the following treatments all wrapped into a 60 minute session:
• patented japanese mushroom-derived enzyme peel: This gentle, effective and seriously smart peel gets an A+ for brightening and smoothing skin without the irritation of chemical peels (it’s even safe for Retin A and Renova users) and actually shuts itself off automatically when your skin reaches the right pH.
• the youth as we know it™ professional strength serum: This high-tech, customized cocktail of three powerful anti-aging complexes—mixed before your eyes for maximum freshness and potency—pumps up the volume by binding lasting hydration to the skin cells while filling lines and providing important post-peel protection. The absolute best of all – we’ll equip you with your own dose of this exclusive, spa-strength serum to extend your treatment benefits at home.
• purified collagen mask: This cool (literally) soothing mask provides major league moisturizing while increasing volume, regenerating and amping up the efficiency of the other products used in the facial. What starts as paper (formally, freeze dried collagen) molds into a flexible gel on your face when water is applied, guaranteeing the actives are as potent as possible.
• the youth as we know it™: A must-‘dew’—the final touch is a taste of our new mega moisturizer, a one stop shop for wrinkle renovation, exfoliation, oxygenation, collagen stimulation and lasting hydration.

To Try “The Youth As We Know It” Facial in Los Angeles please visit Bliss Spa at the W Hotel:
930 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(323) 930-0330

To Purchase “The Youth As We Know It” products please visit:

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