7 Questions: Danny Roberts

Posted on 06 December 2009

Danny Roberts is a professional illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer based in Southern California. He attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo majoring in photography, and completed his studies at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to study Fashion Illustration. His dreamy illustrations usually have a fashion related slant and he’s been featured in publications including New York Times, Elle, Women’s Wear Daily as well as a collaboration with Gwen Stefani for her Harajuku Lovers line.  Danny also runs a successful blog called Igor + Andre -all of this and he’s still under 25!

1. If you weren’t an artist what would you be?
Hmm… That’s a tough one. I think I would probably be an entrepreneur of some kind. It’s kind of in my blood. When I was in kindergarten, I used to do back handsprings and hand stands for money to buy candy. When I was 10, we lived on a golf course, and I started a business called “The Dirty Dozen” where I collected all the golf balls that were hit into our backyard, packaged then in egg cartons, and sold them back to the golfers. When I was 13, I started a clothing company. I don’t know, it’s something I enjoy

2. Explain your relationship with the people you paint?
For the most part I don’t have a relationship with the people I draw. Mainly my criteria for painting someone is if I’m inspired by their look or an image of them. That’s usually how I pick my subject matter.

3. Being as young as you are, at what age did you start to explore your abilities?
I have always loved to draw ever since I was a little kid. I didn’t start developing my drawing skills until I went to fashion school and started drawing consistently every day.

4. How did your collaboration with Gwen Stefani for the Harajuku Lovers range come about?
I got an email from Gwen and her team. She told me she had seen my art online and asked if I would be interested in doing some illustrations for their Fall 2009 collection.

5. Who are some other artists past or present that you admire?
There are tons of artists that I admire! Two artists that I admire the most are Audrey Beardsley and Egon Schiele; there is something about their work that just inspires me to keep working more and more. I also love painter Joe Sorrens work. Also, designers Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, because they have a whimsical, dream-like quality to their work. My favorite Fashion Photographers are Man Ray and Steven Meisel.

6. What are your interests outside of drawing and painting?
I love to do just about anything. Basically any art form. I love photography, film, making music. Also I love just about any sport. I have been a competitive athlete since I was 4yrs old. I also love coaching. So yea, I like just about anything really!

7. What is the most marked characteristic in your artwork?
Hmm… Great Question… I would say my line quality. But a lot of people have told me the way I draw cheeks.


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