The Gallery at Sketch – London

Posted on 01 November 2009

The Gallery at Sketch. Where do I start when trying to explain this one-of-a-kind restaurant, bar, art gallery all in one? Is it a unique dining experience amongst anything else in London? Check. Eccentric? Check. Delicious food and great service? Check and check again! From the moment you walk in you’re transported into something of another world with so many different sections to get acquainted with including the Lecture Room, the Parlour, and of course the Gallery. The Gallery is a fascinatingly off-beat, psychadelic brasserie filled with enough design eye-candy to satisfy the most fashionable and artistic of crowds. Speaking of those crowds, the Gallery (and Sketch in general) is a magnet for people in media, art and fashion. You can just tell when you walk in that you’re in a special place unlike any typically faddy restaurant.

The Gallery is open to the public throughout the day as a video gallery room projecting new movies every six weeks; it is then transformed at night to service drinks and dinner. The walls are very high and towards the back you’ll find a circular futuristic styled bar known as The East Bar. The East Bar basically looks like the kind of bar that Spock and Captain Kirk would hang out in after putting long hours in outer space, doing whatever it is they do on Star Trek. Right above the bar is the bathroom. Now, I am aware that it would normally be considered very unusual if not a bit crass to mention the bathroom when trying to describe a restaurant but the loo here is unlike any other. It consists of a men’s side and a women’s side with long winding steps above and along the East Bar and you will find giant larger-than-life size egg rooms which you can step inside to …ahem do your business. This is artistic eccentricity mixed with cool design at its finest –so skip up to the loo my darling!

Back to the Gallery: the menu, created by famed chef Pierre Gagnaire whose restaurants in France have won accolades world-wide and are often considered some of the best restaurants in the world, features dishes with a big emphasis on seasonal and natural produce. The food at the Gallery is delicious with a capital D but the Lecture room boasts Michelin rated levels of electrifying food.

I am a new die-hard Sketch fan and my only request is that they bring us a version of Sketch to Los Angeles or even NYC.

9 Conduit St
London, W1S 2XG, United Kingdom
+44 870 777 4488

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