“MIND THE GAP” at Prism Gallery

Posted on 30 October 2009

PC Valmorbida, in partnership with PM Tenore and RVCA Artists Network Program, are pleased to present “mindthegap,” the inaugural exhibition at PRISM, a new gallery space on the famed Sunset Strip. The exhibition will feature works by artists, Barry McGee and Phil Frost, who’s early graffiti work, complex paintings and installations have brought them both critical acclaim. This groundbreaking show will be open for public viewing from November 20th – February 20th .

8746 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The Founders: PC Valmorbida, a 23 year old Australian gallerist and artist, has planted his artistic roots in Los Angeles with the opening of his new project space, PRISM. His early passion for the arts, photography in particular, drove him to create his own artwork. His photographic talents were widely recognized and his work was displayed across continents and on the pages of world renowned publications. PC’s devotion to artistic expression inspired him to create PRISM with co-founder Jared Najjar, where a myriad of projects will exhibit, beginning with “mindthegap.”

The Exhibition: The inaugural exhibition, “mindthegap,” will open November 20, 2009. The show aims to unite a group of artists whose work fills the metaphorical gap that is situated between the theoretical definitions of high and low art. It is art that straddles the line of being both publicly accessible yet also edging its way into the traditional artistic canon. It is work that until recently has been sidelined by the mainstream art world but whose intrinsic effusive spirit has broken through boundaries and fundamentally impacted popular and artistic culture.

The Project Space: Designed by architect Marcelo Spina and located on Sunset Boulevard, PRISM is housed in a three story architectural space on the western end of the Sunset Strip. The mission of the project space is to become a cornerstone of artistic experimentation, carving a new niche for the arts here in Southern California. The long-term exhibition program, featuring national and international artists, promises to be vibrant and thought provoking as it works with creative minds to cultivate a challenging and diverse aesthetic experience for the public. The space will also look to integrate lectures and film viewings to create a well-rounded multidisciplinary venue. Along side the exhibition space, the project space will also house a bookshop with a curated selection of texts and products.

RVCA Artists Network Program, commonly referred to as the ANP, is an ongoing program aimed at showcasing the talents of accomplished as well as unknown artists, advocates and musicians who inspire our generation and push the boundaries of creativity; providing something of substance and culture.

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