Tate Modern 7 Level Restaurant – London

Posted on 24 September 2009

Located on Level 7, the Tate Modern Restaurant with floor to ceiling windows offers a stunning panorama of London, including clear views of the Thames, London Eye and more. The sweeping views may not be quite as big a draw as the art in the levels below however the restaurant is known for attracting many tourists & Londoners alike who occasionally bypass the galleries, opting to ride the elevators directly from the entrance level to the seventh floor for the seasonally inspired lunch and dinner offerings.  
The menu is packed with modern British classics and an exciting wine list. Everything on the menu is either locally sourced or flown in from Italy and Spain.  Examples: Cornish macerel dip for appetizer followed by the Split Crab with lemon aioli for the main course followed by a lovely rosey wine which compliments the cool yet slightly balmy London weather in the summer while the perfected version of Fish and Chips is on the menu year round and a great comfort food option for cold winter months. www.tatemodern.co.uk

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