Clare De Lune @ Thompson Hotel Rooftop – Beverly Hills

Posted on 11 September 2009

By Robb Wirt

It’s time to party roof-top style. I walk into The Thompson Beverly Hills hotel lobby. A man stands by the elevator dressed in a suit and red sneakers. He exudes LA. He provides the wrists bands.

Once on the roof I am stimulated by the view of downtown LA and downtown Century City. I feel like I’m in the heart of it all. I am. The pool is surrounded by comfy lounge chairs and inviting couches, and at one end there are several “private” cabanas complete with a mini-bar and TV. Very cool chic. No time to watch television though. This is LA and I am on a roof-top. I must prepare for an earthquake; I mean it’s time to mingle at the final Claire De Lune (meaning, Light of the Moon) party of the season, hosted by Paula Miranda and Belvedere Citrus Vodka.

The featured libations included a Citrus 75, Warsaw Mule, Summer Breeze, and an Eastern Promise that became a Western Heartbreak at the end of the night. My favorite was the Summer Breeze; Belvedere Citrus vodka, guava, raspberry, elderflower, and garnished with pineapple air. We toasted the end of summer, well, sort of. We still went to the beach the next day. I mean this is LA, does summer ever really end? So we toasted again to something a little more realistic, like world peace and then we just enjoyed the ambiance of the LA sky, the roof-top party, and the beautiful people. Well, we did all that until it was time for another drink.

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