Dear Lemon Limona @ Cinema Tuesdays

Posted on 03 August 2009

The screening of Suzi Yoonessi’s Dear Lemon Lima courtesy of Cinema Tuesday’s and curated by Flux was held at Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán on Vine Street in Hollywood, CA on July 28, 2009. It was a packed theater full of laughter and smiles as cocktails were floating around the room awaiting the 8pm start.

Dear Lemon Lima is a story about Vanessa Lemor played by Savanah Wiltfong, a 13 year old girl, who gets dumped by her boyfriend Philip Georgey portrayed by Shayne Topp. In her plan to win his heart back, joins the Snowstorm Survivor Competition with a team of misfits she put together who later come to be known as her friends. The film has a similar storyline as Legally Blonde and reminiscence of scenes from the movie Superstar. It’s a family film that teaches the true meaning of love and shows the innocence and purity of relationships at a young age. The movie also features actresses Elaine Hendrix and Beth Grant.

Suzi Yoonessi always knew she wanted to tell stories for a living. The inspiration for the story came from the exact pages of Suzi’s diary. Lemon Lima is Suzi’s imaginary friend that she writes to in her diary. “I find it’s cathartic to write from life experience,” Says Yoonessi. She took her own personal experience and turned it into an enjoyable film that you can’t help but fall in love with. Even the male audience that showed up took a liking to the cutesy story based on their responses during Q & A time.

The event was well though out. From the ice cream/candy themed photo booth to the pages of the diary spread out all over the theater, the ambiance made you feel as if you were in the movie. Cocktails were flowing through the evening courtesy of Belevedere Macerated. The night ended with mingling and dancing upstairs to the sounds of communal music that filled the room with fun and joy. Great movie, great people and great drinks, it doesn’t get much better then that on a Tuesday night in Hollywood.

Cinema Tuesdays are monthly screenings presented by Nike Sportswear that are free with RSVP

Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán
1615 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028

CINEMA TUESDAYS is a monthly screening series featuring innovative motion pictures and unique live events. From exclusive film premieres, stylish action films and inventive comedies to inspiring tales of urban sport and art, each event will be a fresh, not-to-be-missed experience, be it a sneak peek of an anticipated studio release, Nike-commissioned short films, a celebrated film from international festivals or the return of a seminal classic. Live filmmaker presentations, musical performances and thematic elements are only some of the surprises lined up for an unforgettable evening. CINEMA TUESDAYS takes place at Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán, Nike Sportswear’s unique retail and special events theatre in Hollywood.

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