Meltdown at the Mondrian – Los Angeles

Posted on 08 August 2009

By Bob Schriner

I’ve stayed at Mondrian hotels in the past and come to expect good things. However, after a recent weekend at their West Hollywood location, I would need considerable persuasion to give them my business again. Friday night on Sunset Blvd is going to be teaming up with ego and self-importance. I just didn’t think I would contend with that from the hotel attendants. For anyone in the hospitality industry to pass off such sour staff is laughable. I don’t know what their occupancy rates are, but at $540 a night for a single occupancy I would think patrons would at least receive service that is friendly and receptive, not the case here. I slid the key in the door to realize that there were more goods to be hawked in my room than square feet. Oh and the condoms and lube between the cashews and biscotti, subtle. Why not add a new-age bamboo Slurpee machine? Overall, I thought the aesthetics were aping to be clever and cutting edge, but came off corporate and pre-fab ala Starbucks. The only thing that impressed me was the view, which is the equivalent of complimenting a restaurant on their water.

The plot thickens, while looking at my bank statement online today I notice I’m a little light. My account history shows that these scientists charged both me and my guest for the room. This would only be a mild annoyance if getting someone on the phone there didn’t feel like a massive undertaking. To get a billing matter handled I called seven times before getting someone to actually speak with me. I got the voice mail of four different managers and rude and disinterested staff just to get that. Now I might cut you some slack on a Saturday night, but this was on a Tuesday afternoon. Makes me wonder who is running the Mondrian. I have received better customer service in convenience stores than this wrongfully self-proclaimed luxury resort.

The Mondrian Hotel
8440 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 650-8999

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