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Posted on 18 August 2009

Humanoid, a Netherlands-based design collaboration between Sandra Harmsen (creative director) and Hans Boelens (commercial director) and Cecile Bleijenberg (head of design) is making waves internationally with its barely there, easy to wear design aesthetic. Airy silhouettes mixed with loose cashmere cardigans, stylish scarves and draped fabrics hang over the body ever so lightly and pair well with Humanoid boots. The natural and timeless Humanoid approach is an ideal antithesis to the last several years of over-kill styled trends such as high wasted denim and orange spray tan. Q & A with creative director, Sandra Harmsen:

Q: When did you launch the Humanoid label?
A: My boyfriend and I started Humanoid 26 years ago. We started with one shop with all of my own original designs.

Q: What is the basic design philosophy/aesthetic behind Humanoid?
A: Easy, comfortable luxury with feminine designs. It’s very important that our new collections are always a follow up from the last collection.

Q: Humanoid began in the Netherlands. Does Holland have an influence on the brand/style?
A: Probably yes, since we are Dutch. We are very practical and clear in our designing. What you see is what you get.

Q: What are some future plans for Humanoid?
A: We’re pretty happy where we are at right now. The most important thing is to innovate our collection and improve our production for shoes and clothing.

Q: Why did the creator call the brand “Humanoid”?
A: Because of the human face of the company and the down to earth designs.

Q: What colors & style are in focus for the Fall 2009 season?
A: Wool jackets, linen jersey combined with leather, cashmere cardigans, viscose dresses, soft sheepskin leather, crinkled silk underwear, mohair sweaters, winter voile, transparent gaze jersey.
Colours come from outside: eucalyptus, moonstone, bison hair, soil, lagoon, dune, linseed, rainy day. A journey for the senses.

Humanoid Shop
Weverstraat 14
6811 El Arnhem
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)26 4451698

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