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Posted on 11 June 2009

I arrived to dine at the Soho House restaurant located on the 6th floor of the club on a Monday and the atmosphere was already lively for an early evening, this was perfect. The dimly lit dining area features gorgeous design and beautiful people, eye candy everywhere. We started with a cocktail and beer, I had a luscious Brazilian ciprihana and my guest enjoyed a pint of Stella. The people at the table next to us sounded like British expats (with somewhat watered down English accents) and were having a comical argument over who had the messiest divorce. I know we shouldn’t have been listening but the conversation was too funny (and loud) to ignore. The restaurant’s lovely manager, Janine Giesick came to greet us and made a few suggestions as to what we should order which I decided to follow. For my appetizer I had the brilliant Hamachi with fennel bulb and touches of pink grapefruit. The sweetness of the grapefruit added a flavor to the raw fish that was out of this world and the dish was just light enough to leave space for the risotto which I was going to have next. The Camaroli risotto was delicious beyond belief, laced with scallions and parmesan. After all of this there was no room for dessert so instead I ended my dinner with a digestif of sweet sherry and 3 cheeses instead of something too decadent. As a self proclaimed cheese freak (definition: someone who is obsessed with cheese) I can say that the restaurant offers an excellent selection of fine cheeses including French, Italian, Swiss and American. The quality of the cuisine here rivals that of any other top restaurant in New York with surprisingly reasonable prices.

Located in one of the coolest areas of NYC in the historic Meatpacking district, Soho House is a members only club and restaurant aptly named after the original Soho House in London. It also doubles as a hotel which non-members can book rooms. The club features 7 floors of ultra stylish details including massive Swarovski chandeliers, silver aluminum bar stools, velvet chairs and a 39 foot leather Chesterfield sofa. Amenities at the club, which are open to all hotel guests as well as members, include a spa known as “Cowshed”, a full sized rooftop swimming pool (which was famously featured in Sex and the City), a screening room, a library for meetings, two restaurants, a drawing room and a bar! Amenity privileges are granted only to members and hotel guests. You can opt to be a member to just the NYC location or to all of the Soho House’s sister locations in Britain with more locations on the way in Berlin and Miami. Everything comes together at the Soho house: design, ambience and quality.

Soho House New York
29 9th Ave # 35
New York, NY 10014
(212) 627-9800

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