The Rain Emperor – London

Posted on 11 May 2009

The Rain Emperor is a concept based performance event, created to offer a fully immersive and unique experience for each member of the audience.
Using Robert Jacob’s music as a backdrop and an inspiration for the other artists who are involved; the show explores Jacob’s music in every form, slowly guiding visitors through a series of vaults, passageways and atriums using sound, movement, light, film and performance.
Shoreditch’s Village Underground makes the perfect home to this atmospheric art piece and will be transformed into a dark, mysterious world for the performance. The Rain Emperor promises to awaken a truly genuine sense of emotion; from vulnerability to excitement and exhilaration. It blurs the boundaries between the arts and invites the audience to experience chamber music and an entirely unexpected way.

Robert Jacob – Musician and Composer
19th July 1952 – 11th April 2005
Contemporary composer Robert Jacob was inspired greatly by his love of the rain and its rhythms and became known as ‘The Rain Emperor’ as a result.
Born in London in 1952, Robert Jacob became a professional musician in 1973. He played throughout Europe with a succession of soul, rock, blues and jazz bands on guitar, including self composed material. He worked on numerous studio and recording projects as a session musician, arranged music for various bands and ensembles and provided music for video and film. Robert’s most recent commissions include a computer generated piece and a suite of pieces for solo Spanish Guitar, Three Dances for String Quartet and arrangements for The Dillington International Guitar Festival and providing music for two short contemporary films.
His ingenuity was never more apparent than in his work “Aquamass” (2000). Commissioned under the Year of the Artist scheme, he worked with a variety of community groups and the pupils of Bishop David Brown School to compose and perform a work in a swimming pool using the acoustic properties above and below the water, in collaboration with choreographer Vicki Balaam. In June 2002, he conducted a research week at the Rhoda McGraw Theatre to develop a system using medical and musical technology to enhance the capacity of performers to expressively perform with music/sounds from a digital source in real-time, with dancer Caroline Lofthouse.

The Rain Emperor’ is a celebration of his music and his memory.

Artists involved
The performance is a collaboration by some of the UK’s most highly acclaimed and upcoming artists who have worked together using Robert Jacob’s music as their inspiration to create an engaging, experimental and emotive event. They will produce music, film, dance and physical performance to create a two hour immersion into the elements.
These artists include:
• Robert Jacob – Composer
• Judy Jacob – Director/Producer & Visual Artist
• Paul Normandale – Lighting Designer
• Justine Catterall – Executive Producer
• Luke Thornton – Production Manager
• Josh Bagnall – Video Support
• Paul Hanford – Sound Director
• Kate Lane – Costume Designer
• Gareth Fry – Consultant Sound Designer
• Benjamin James – Visual Artist
• Lewis Howell – Gaffer
• Lightning & Kingly Face – Makers
• Sammm Agnew – Hair & Make-Up
• Elysian Quartet – String Quartet
• Gerard Cousins – Classical Guitarist
• Scottee – Performance Artist
• Aste Amundsen – Performance Artist
• Nathanial Slade – Sound Artist
• Beverley Lilywhite – Pianoforte
• Beverley Chadwick – Tenor Saxophone
Drummond William Bowskill, Paul Sweeney, Benjamin Guibarelli, Liz Peters & Dan Rebbeck
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