Hotel Emiliano – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Posted on 18 May 2009

Review and Photos by the Cobrasnake

My stay at the Emiliano hotel in Sao Paulo was out of this world. The energy of the hotel is fantastic. When I checked in I was greeted by an amazing staff that spoke great English, they offered me a drink as I filled out the paper work for my stay. The hotel lobby feels fresh and has great furniture and orchids everywhere. I was escorted to my suite and told about all the features of the room, from the special vegetarian menu, the “toto” toilets from Japan, the DVD catalogue with over 150 titles, and just about everything you could imagine in the mini bar. The staff at the Emiliano hotel will even unpack your luggage if you are super lazy or busy. The room was huge with a full living room, flat screen TV, office area, dining area. The leather couch in the living room was at least 10 feet long and I took the most amazing nap there. The bed was big enough for 5 people with more pillows than I could count.

The climate control was in both celsius and farenheit. The bathroom was full of special soaps and bath products made especially for the hotel. A friendly man delivered some fresh pineapple in the afternoon. I went to the gym, located on the top floor of the hotel, with a view of the entire city, used all of the most top of the line equipment, even watched The Simpsons on the built-in TV on the treadmill. After my amazing work out I had an hour long massage and spent a few hours in the spa, taking advantage of everything. The sauna had a built in television and I watched rap videos while sweating like crazy.

At night I slept like a baby, and had dreams of success. The hotel was quiet and peaceful, and I was more comfortable there than in my own home. I woke up early to have breakfast, which was top notch, fresh juices, fresh baked goods, cheeses, fruits… I also had the pleasure to dine with the general manager of the hotel; he told me the history of the property and the fundamentals of running such a high end property. Half way through breakfast the OWNER of the hotel sat down to personally greet me. He was a super nice man. They were excited to have me and told me about a new resort that was in development. I can’t wait to stay there.
Another great point is that the hotel is located in a great area full of shops and resturants, there’s even an American Apparel directly across the street in case you forgot your gold lamae body suit at home, or want to try to pick up on hot girls. I would recommend this hotel to everyone. Such an amazing experience.


Hotel Emiliano
Rua Oscar Freire, 384 – Jardim Paulistano
São Paulo – SP, Zip Code 01426-000, Brazil
+55 11 3069 4369

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