Tea & Jumping Jacks at Montagu Place Hotel – London

Posted on 21 April 2009

Review & Photos by the Cobrasnake

The Montagu Place townhouse hotel is really great. It’s very intimate and will make you feel like you’re right in your own home. My room was perfect for London. There isn’t an elevator but that’s okay. After I walked up 4 flights of stairs I was ready to relax in my very large room known as The Swanky Room. I was really thirsty and found nothing in the mini bar, so I decided to make some tea which was much more appropo because I was in London.
I was pretty wired after the tea so I decided to blow off some steam and did some jumping jacks in the room which was great because there was plenty of space for them. I worked up quite a sweat and decided to take a bubble bath. There was an amazing assortment of fancy toiletries including some nice bath salts by Molton Brown that were extra relaxing. The bath was great and after my bath I tested the shower which was also very large and amazing. I got dressed and started to read the local magazines including Time Out: London, British Vogue… Then I went on the internet which is free but not wireless -so bring a long ethernet cable if you want to sit on the bed with your computer. The TV was really small for the wall but it was fine because there are only about 6 channels and they are really bad so don’t watch TV….and why would you want to watch TV when you’ve got this beautiful hotel and all of London right at your fingertips?
Montagu Place
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