Kuwait Airways

Posted on 14 April 2009

I tried the Kuwait Business Class on a London to New York flight. My journey started at Heathrow Terminal 4, where Kuwait shares with Etihad a luxurious lounge, that makes you forget that you are actually waiting for a flight in airport. I spent half an hour being completely spoiled by the super-nice staff. I had literally four lovely waitresses taking care of me. I started off with a tomato soup, while reading The Independent and posting photos on by blog – thanks to the free high-speed wireless internet. I was even offered to try a spa session. Instead I chose two more dishes: an aubergine with melted mozzarella and a fondant au chocolat. I didn’t even have to think about catching my flight, as soon as it started boarding I was notified. The seven and a half hours over the Atlantic seemed like one hour. I had as much space as my long legs could dream of. In between my naps, I enjoyed two meals, that reminded me that I was not on an Anglo-Saxon airline. I enjoyed a very international selection of cuisines with an emphasis on oriental taste. For my hors d’oeuvre I had crayfish medaillon with Russian salad, taboulleh, hummus and fresh garden salad followed by a walnut crusted beef filet with shitake mushroom sauce with roasted vegetables and parsley new potatoes for my entrée. For the dessert I got to enjoy the best vanilla and chocolate ice cream ever served at 39,000 feet. During the whole journey the flight attendants were constantly ready to help me with any of my needs. I arrived in NYC without feeling I had traveled from an other continent. Kuwait Airways is the best oasis of cheerfulness you will ever find over the Atlantic.