60 Thompson Hotel – NYC

Posted on 18 March 2009

Review and Photographs by the Cobrasnake

The 60 Thompson is very cozy. When I stayed there I felt like I was in my own home. There were copies of all the latest New York centric magazines, a mini-bar full of classic junk food and exotic treats and a bed that was very relaxing. The bathroom was small but ample with a jar of Q-Tips (you can never have enough Q-Tips), soft towels and a nice shower. The staff was really polite, everyone called me Mr. Hunter. There’s a cool vibe in the elevators and the lobby feels like you are in some VIP lounge or something. The hotel is in a great location, near one of my favorite sushi places in NYC, BLUE RIBBON and super close to Soho where all the cute girls go shopping. I would recommend this hotel for young professionals and creative types under 40 years old. Totally a great hotel to take a date home at the end of the night, watch movies, order room service and you know the rest.

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