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Posted on 29 January 2009

Don’t you hate it when, just as you have your mouth full, the restaurant manager edges up to your table with an “Is everything all right sir/madam?” then stands expectantly with a plastic grin on his face awaiting the inevitable “Yes, fine thanks”, before moving on to the next victim. Well you don’t get any of that at Café La Bohème. Here the service is always personal with the staff managing to make each table feel it is receiving unique attention.
This is a restaurant where service and food are combined to deliver a dining experience that is never oppressive or stuffy yet is the crest of fine dining in Los Angeles. The sweeping space and red themed, velvety interiors are complimented by massive, ornate chandeliers that evoke the artsy Latin Quarter of Paris in the 19th Century. La Bohème is arguably one of the most beautifully designed restaurants in Los Angeles. On the other hand if you want to sit outside there is a lovely Tuscan inspired patio with candle lit, fire side tables set among a flower and herb garden. You can dine al fresco while listening to soft music mixing with the sounds of fountains.

The food is also star-worthy. Chef Christina Banta consistently sends out dishes that are perfectly appropriate to the room. An Ahi Tataki with avocado, cucumber and daikon carrot salad is a lovely piece of design and even lovelier to bite into. You have a moment to admire it before digging in and sipping your “La Bohème Infusion” specialty cocktail –which compliments it nicely. The Asian Pear Salad is the essence of summer yet enjoyable in a Los Angeles style winter. The candied pecans, dried cherrys and blue cheese sing out with their unusual yet natural balance of sharp and sweetness. This salad is best paired with a dry German riesling. If you’re not a white wine fan keep in mind that the menu is complemented by a full bar with classic and specialty cocktails, and over 100 wine selections from California, France, Italy, Germany, Australia and Chile. The main dish couldn’t be simpler: a top quality 14oz New York Strip with zesty shoestring fries and arugula salad.

Café La Bohème has been a West Hollywood staple for over 17 years and although it’s a great locals hangout it is also a good idea for romantic first dates, special events like birthdays and anniversaries but also the perfect place to go for a party with your friends and family.

Café La Bohème
8400 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 848-2360

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