An Evening at Club Bardot Hollywood

Posted on 23 January 2009

By K.L. Riley
I have lived in many cities, and  throughout my years as a self proclaimed socialite I have frequented many clubs. During my trip to Los Angeles it was suggested that I review a club called Bardot in Hollywood. Bardot is a relatively new club that brings a new meaning to the term VIP because the entire club is VIP and once you’re in, you will be treated like everyone else and that is the essence of what makes Bardot a special venue. Bardot is owned by maverick entrepreneur John Lyons. The vision that is Bardot’s style was cultivated and realized by Jason Scoppa and Alexi Yulish.

As we slipped in through the discreet entrance, we walked into the typical L.A club bouncer conversation with an obviously drunk wanna-be clubber whom to me was too intoxicated and clearly not the right fit for a club of this stature.  From the point we entered the conversation it was clear that the drunk guy was heckling the bouncer “Tom” about entrance. I was relieved at how selective the bouncers were because frankly no one wants to be around the drunk guy who can’t handle his liquor. Once inside the club we were whisked away into a world of timeless style and grandeur. The décor is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary, both styles flawlessly coexisting, understated by perfectly manicured lighting. Each room leads to the next and the heart of Bardot is a lavish “great” room which is unobstructed and statuesque with a 2 story ceiling and room for live music (a different band is featured every night as well as burlesque shows ).Chef Jared Simons has created an amuse bouche style of club food he labels “ Promiscuous Dining”. A fresh steak tartare, in house cured salmon, and truffled mac ‘n cheese were some of the highlights  we tasted off this brilliantly crafted menu and if that wasn’t enough chef Jared also features an assortment of savory desserts including a chocolate bread pudding topped with a caramel gelato, and a buttermilk panna cotta with caramelized pineapple. All of us reveled in this moment of delectable, delightful, delicious bliss, and concluded that Bardot exceeded all of our expectations.

The live music at Bardot is another perk that stands out because of the intimacy that is created in the “great” room. There are a lot of reputable bands that play here and I particularly enjoyed this part of the evening. It is rare to experience a band in such close proximity. The entire evening was made more memorable by the graciousness and courteousness of the managers, servers, and staff. 

I urge anyone in L.A to visit Bardot at least once and I guarantee you will be back in a week. The experience is like a good dream that you never want to wake up from and you will be overcome with feelings of pleasure and exuberance while relaxing in the hottest club in town!

Special thanks to Stephanie Fessler for being a great ambassador to Bardot.Located Above the Avalon Nightclub

Bardot Hollywood
1735 N. Vine St.
Los Angeles, CA 91791

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