Gourmet Candy Floss at Pearl – London

Posted on 08 December 2008

With over a million shimmering, hand-strung pearls hanging from the chandeliers and walls, Pearl Restaurant & Bar is hands down one of London’s most alluring restaurants. Now to add to its unconventional glamour, Ben Knell the head chef at Pearl is offering a signature line of gourmet candy floss (also known as Cotton Candy here in the US). The candy floss will be served along with divine Petit Fours, every Saturday night.  This childhood favorite offers the perfect finale to dinner at Pearl and includes four fabulous flavors: Marshmallow; Chocolate Profiterole; Lemon; and Strawberry.
Each of the candy floss has its own unique twist.  The Marshmallow option has a freshly-made marshmallow infused with vanilla seeds, piped onto a brightly coloured stick.  The marshmallow is coated in finely spun candy floss and garnished with a sprinkling of vanilla sugar, created by Ben.  For true indulgence, the Chocolate Profiterole candy floss boasts a profiterole, filled with luxurious Valrhona Jivara Lactée Chocolate Chantilly, covered with candy floss and finished with rich chocolate flakes.  The Lemon candy floss has lemon pâtes de fruits at the top of the stick.  This is coated with candy floss before being dusted with a fine lemon confit powder, made during a three-day process of soaking and drying lemons before powdering them.  It is garnished with a thin slice of lamp-dried lemon.  Guests preferring a fruitier option will love the Strawberry candy floss, made using a fresh strawberry covered with delicious candy floss.  This option is decorated with freeze-dried strawberry dust. 

Candy Floss Nights:  The new Candy Floss Petit Fours will be available on Saturday evenings. 

Pearl Restaurant & Bar
252 High Holborn,
London WC1V 7EN

Tel: 020 7829 7000  

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