Letters and Ligatures at Subliminal Projects

Posted on 04 November 2008

Photos By Jeremy Kaplan

LA-based Subliminal Projects opened Letters and Ligatures on Saturday, November 8. The exhibition delves into the alphabetical world of the Delaware-based House Industries. The irreverently relevant type foundry proudly showcases a collection of prints, patterns, installations, and sculptures based on their recent typographical explorations. The exhibition will remain on view until December 5, 2008.

For Letters and Ligatures, House Industries conveys a single, yet complex philosophy: visual nomenclature fuels language, facilitates communication, and forms the basis of a civilized society. The written language strings together letters, words, and sentences, conveying the innermost thoughts and ideas that human beings communicate to the outside world. It is tied to our primitive nature, governing our individual choices and observations, our collective socio-anthropologic history.

House Industries understands that each design requires a commitment of time, energy, and creativity. With each project, the bond between artist and font is deepened. The two work closely together, first coming to an understanding of the project’s origins and meaning, then translating that abstraction into something that compliments but does not distract from the main idea. In essence, House Industries’ Letters and Ligatures aims to invite us to share in that close bond and is proof of House’s instrumental role as innovators and directors in the multifaceted communications of our society.

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