A Chat With The Cobrasnake

Posted on 31 October 2008

Haya: You have a job/lifestyle that many people understandably envy. How did you get into this career?
The Cobrasnake:
I used to work minimum wage jobs back in high school and i knew then that I needed to try my very best to go from a dead end job to a creative and exciting career with endless opportunities. Photography was my outlet. I started posting photos online over 5 years ago. It’s been such an amazing adventure and I am so thankful for all the support I have. The best part about TheCobrasnake is there are no rules. I plan to associate TheCobrasnake brand to many other outlets not just photography… we have only just begun.

Haya: When you’re attending events or parties and photographing everything do you ever wish you could just sit back and relax, not having to take photos?
The Cobrasnake:
No way! The reason I started this in the first place was to document the amazing creative people in this world from music, fashion, art, ect. I travel the world to discover and expose the things that inspire and excite me. Its what i live for and the deeper I dig the more treasures I find. It makes 14 hour economy flights worth every minute.

Haya: Where do you find all the gorgeous girls you feature on your website?
The Cobrasnake:
My bed or my hotel room or my backyard

Haya: Do you ever photoshop anything? It seems like everyone on your site always look perfect.
The Cobrasnake:
I wish I had time to use Photoshop. I post on average 100 photos per day. I would drive myself crazy and go blind if I was retouching that many photos…

Haya: Of all the places you’ve been to, which city is your all time favorite and why?
The Cobrasnake:
LOS ANGELES. I was born there and its been really amazing for me. From Santa Monica , to Beverly Hills, to West Hollywood and Hollywood, Downtown, Koreatown, Echo Park -everywhere you go there is something amazing. I live 5 minuntes from a hike which I do almost everyday, I ride my bike to the beach on the weekend, I can eat anything at anytime, the weather is like heaven…and my whole family is there so that’s nice too.

Haya: Which city in Europe has the best looking girls & boys?
The Cobrasnake:
Well right now I’m on a 3 week Euro tour …so ill have to let you know after the tour.

Haya: What’s your favorite restaurant in the world? Tell me where it’s located and what kind of food they serve:
The Cobrasnake:
BEVERLY HILLS JUICE: On Beverly blvd in Los Angeles- specializes in fresh juice. MOZZA: On Highland and Melrose in Los Angeles- Mario Batali’s Italian restaurant.
PF CHANGS: All over the world- amazing Chinese food
PHO CAFÉ: SILVERLAKE –Vietnamese food.

Haya: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced since you’ve started doing this?
The Cobrasnake:
Its all a blur.

Haya: I can imagine some of the photos on your website being editorial layouts in a high fashion magazine. Do you have any plans to venture into fashion photography?
The Cobrasnake:
Actually I do much more than just TheCobrasnake. I shoot editorial fashion stories for magazines like NYLON, PAPER, ect and I’m really into shooting more commercial stuff like advertising. Also just started this online store selling amazing vintage stuff you should check it out its called TheCobrashop!

Haya: What would you say is your chief characteristic?
The Cobrasnake:
I was an EAGLE SCOUT. That’s the highest rank in the boy scouts. They teach you to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. I try to do all those things.


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