Lounge Around at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Posted on 05 October 2008

Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris has a new sweet spot for basking in comfort after a day of shopping in the Golden Triangle of Paris. It’s La Galerie des Gobelins, the newly redesigned lounge at the Plaza Athénée. An ideal location for relaxation and nimble dining in the City of Light’s most fashionable district, La Galerie des Gobelins has been re-envisioned by interior designer  Pascale Benhamou into an ultra-chic and quintessentially Parisian venue.  Luscious design touches are everywhere. Amber-colored lighting and ornate chandeliers cast a soothing glow, while columns decorated with bright white, sanded and engraved crystal lights pick up the “acanthus flower” motifs of curtains by Verel de Belval, producing soft, muted reflections. The floor is covered by a huge wool-and-silk carpet of many colors and textures, inspired by the mosaic beneath. Velvet sofas for lounging about range from deep mink to reddish bronze, finished with re-embroidered cushions by Maison Lesage and padded lumbar supports with pearl buttons. Sophisticated, made-to-measure furniture and furnishings include beaten-metal lampshades by Societé Lyonnaise Bronzes d’art Francais, pedestal tables of French-polished dark walnut by Taillardat, and coffee tables with molded glass tops which allow a view of the carpet underneath. Earthy tones throughout create a subtle link to the crisp atmosphere of La Cour Jardin restaurant.
Beyond its gorgeous makeover, La Galerie des Gobelins beckons with an enticing menu and gentle harp music played throughout the day. Enjoy culinary flights of fancy such as “Little Summer Dresses” (salads & starters), “Start the Show” (nibbles), the “Spring & Tea Collection” (afternoon tea), and “Hottest Fashions” (main courses). It’s a delightful way to play to the Gallery – or Galerie. And don’t even contemplate skipping dessert, with a delectable selection of cakes and sweets by worldwide champion of pastries, Pâtissier Christope Michalak. “Miam-miam”, as Parisians would say.



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