L’Oranger – Provencal French Cuisine in London

Posted on 14 October 2008

By: Haya Zoubi
Photos by: Haya Zoubi

Considered one of London’s most beautiful restaurants, L’Oranger offers the Provencal French cuisine of famed, three Michelin star chef Laurent Michel. L’Oranger delivers the seasonal French classics executed to perfection. The service and environment is traditional and conservative, with waiters in classic black and white uniforms with highly polished silverware, crisp white linens and aged oak panels surrounding the restaurants interior and exterior. The interior also offers a lovely glass-domed ceiling allowing natural light complimenting the dimly lit restaurant before sundown. One of the highlights of the restaurant is manager, Eric Arteries. Mr. Artieres strolls around the restaurant from table to table, cracking jokes and insuring that everything is running as smoothly as possible. Be sure to try the delicious Scallops cooked in the shell with steamed leeks and truffles. This dish looks as nice as it tastes and is served with a breathtaking jurançon sauce made to order at your table. The wine list is extensive and the prices are expensive. The average full course meal for two people runs around £150 (That’s roughly $300 US dollars). So have a night on the town, come to L’Oranger dressed up and enjoy some of the best food in London.
5 St. James’s St
London, SW1A 1EF, United Kingdom
+44 20 78393774

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