Liza – Upscale Levantine cuisine in Paris

Posted on 02 October 2008

In Paris, Lebanese cuisine is a big favorite among locals. There are historical ties between the two countries (Lebanon was a French UN mandate from the end of WWI until WWII) and there was an era when Beriut, arguably the most cosmopolitan city in the Arab world was known as the “Paris of the East”.   Recent years have seen an influx of Lebanese immigrants into Paris which has resulted in the infiltration of Lebanese cuisine into the Parisian scene. There are all kinds of Lebanese restaurants throughout Paris.  From the more down-to-earth cafe’s located in working class areas, to street vendors in the touristy areas and of course the upscale levantine restaurants located in trendy areas. 
Located on the
rue de la Banque, Liza falls in the upscale category and offers classic decor with light cobalt blue colored touches throughout the dining area as well as savory Lebanese cuisine. Highlights include Minced lamb with fresh salty lebna (yogurt sauce), zayt ou zatar (olive oil with sesame seed dip and bread) and my favorite of all time: the Kebbe mechouye (roasted salty beef) with a side of Tabouli.  The service wasn’t what most people would consider “great”, but then again it wasn’t bad either.  I prefer a more “hands off” approach when it comes to wait service, and I don’t really like it when a waiter is too in your face.
14, Rue de la Banque
75002 2ème Arrondissement Paris, Paris, France

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