It’s Just Sex – Two Roads Theatre in NoHo

Posted on 11 October 2008

By Bob Schriner  
It’s Just Sex starts out with Phil and a woman in a dark room quickly getting down to business. The room lights up when Phil’s wife walks in and the “other woman” quickly exits. We then see another couple Carl and Kelly getting ready for a party. Carl is the quintessential man with a one-track mind and his wife seems more concerned with being punctual. Our third couple, Greg and Lisa, are upright and uptight white collar folks who are having a bout with boredom in the bedroom.
The three couples end up at Phil and Joan’s place where the hostess spurned can do little to conceal her contempt. Rather than confront Phil, the passive aggressive Joan, initiates a drinking game where people have to confess something the others don’t know about them. One thing leads to another and a full-blown wife swap takes place with all the couples. After hearing the sounds of orgasms from all corners, the three couples reconvene in a tense and quiet room. The couples are then tested in their respective relationships as jealousy, self-doubt and other issues arise. Through the extreme nature of the events the couples are able to address problems they otherwise wouldn’t have talked about. So the happy ending leaves the viewer thinking that while the taste of the forbidden fruit may have a bit of an after taste, it’s still worth eating.



The play is very well written by Jeff Gould, the comedy is quick and sharp and the tension and pain is conveyed thoughtfully. The cast and Director Mark Blanchard also get a tip of the hat as the delivery in this piece hinges greatly on impeccable timing. The awkward tension in the room after the wife swap actually made me feel a little uncomfortable as if this were all very real. It’s Just Sex is playing at the Two Roads Theatre and runs through February 1st 2009.
Two Roads Theater
4348 Tujunga Ave
Studio City, CA 91604

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