Coast at Shutters on the Beach – Santa Monica

Posted on 28 October 2008

In the middle of a hectic work week, nothing sounds better than a relaxing evening on the seaside. Thankfully Shutters on the Beach brings us Coast, a soothing mix of calm and class with rolling waves just beyond your table. If the tranquil settings weren’t inviting enough, Coast offers a Farmers Market menu on Wednesdays that has been causing a buzz. Haya and I were seated at a nice table on the patio with the famed Santa Monica Pier in site. When the time comes to order a drink I decide to try house specialty and the basil cucumber martini was an affirmation of this habit. A dry martini, with a basil leaf on top is not your everyday drink, but today, there was nothing better. Imagine drinking a caprese salad and getting a little tipsy in the process. There is something about sitting on the water that makes seafood irresistible. As such Haya ordered the shrimp cocktail alongside my crab cocktail. When the platter arrived I wanted to jump right in it, even though it was filled with ice. When strong presentation is met with such anticipation, stand clear of me and the plate. I could not believe how succulent and large the pieces of crab meat were. The shrimp was just as pleasing. While I had arrived with every intention of ordering the Farmer’s Market Dinner, there were a number of entrees on the menu. When our waitress explained the preparation on the Farmers Market Dinner, I was certain it was the right call. The first installment was a thoughtful tuna and hamachi crudo. The fish was sliced a little less than a quarter inch in thickness and lightly dressed in fennel, chili oil and mint with chunks of pink grapefruit. The compliment of citrus to the uncooked fish was flattering enough to make me and the tuna blush, brilliant. Couple my weakness for smoked pork with how impressed I was with the appetizers and you still probably can’t gauge how excited I was for the entrée to arrive. When the dish came out the spoiling of Bob Schriner continued. The smoked tenderloin was a real treat. The meat was very juicy and tender and the smoky flavor was even better with a little dab of BBQ sauce on the side of the plate. Served underneath the tenderloin there was a pair of crispy rolls filled with pulled pork, pumpkin hash and chestnuts that made my ascension into leisure eating free of any guilt.
The Farmers Market Dinner came with an apple dessert. Haya ordered the fresh fruit cobbler. Both desserts were splendid, meeting the peak where pleasure no longer cares about the thought of decadence. The apple dish had sorbet at its best, juicing Fuji, Pink Lady and Granny Smiths. Every bite I took of it made me with that there was a dinner remote with a slow-motion button so I could draw out every possible moment to savor this goodness. The sorbet was joined with crisp Granny Smith chips that you could see through as well as glazed Pink Lady apples and a pureed mix with apple butter. The fresh fruit cobbler should have had the word fresh in all caps because the distinction was pronounced by a natural sweetness that is lost in preservative process. The cobbler had mixed berries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream that I watched slowly melt into the rich fruit. Now that you’ve learned from my mistake of waiting until I had a bad day to visit Coast, don’t repeat it. Remember, Wednesday is the Farmer’s Market Dinner, but attending any other day of the week you will leave well served in an elevated state.
Coast at Shutters
1 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 458-0030

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