Jason Scoppa – Co-founder of Bardot

Posted on 28 September 2008

Haya Zoubi: As a former high fashion model who walked the runways in Paris & Milan for designers like Giorgio Armani how did you make the transition into nightclub promotions in Los Angeles?
Jason Scoppa: I’m not sure there was a transition. Modeling was always there for me to make some scratch. Along the way I was able to go to wonderful places, meet great humans, and have some interesting experiences. When I moved to Los Angeles I was definitely looking for something else. I met my business partner Alexi Yulish in acting class. I loved everything about film and things looked bright instantly. Then a few L.A. Story let downs later, I needed to get some true control of my business. A small opportunity came up in night life. we have been running with it ever since.

Haya: Did growing up in Detroit shape and influence your present day career?
Jason: Enormously and in every way! My family had a restaurant downtown on the corner of Lafayette and Trumbul, a few blocks from Tiger Stadium. My Mother was always working hard and I spent a lot of time there. Those experiences connected our whole family to the city and are the fondest memories I have in life. It was a whole different education. I love and treasure Detroit. Tuesday night at Bardot is a live Jazz, rock, electronic and Deejay infusion with Stewart Cole. I call it “Lafayette & Trumbul”.

Haya: Tell us about the “I Love Detroit” event coming up:
Jason: I wanted to do something to raise some awareness for what is happening to our auto industry. There are too many people who think this is Detroit’s problem. It is in every way an American problem that affects families world wide. Going back to Detroit over the Holiday’s really gave me a sense of responsibility to do something here in L.A. After speaking to my partner (owner Avalon and Bardot) he shared the same enthusiasm to do something. First the entertainment will be multi live performances representing Detroit then until now. I cant announce who is playing yet but it is impressive who is supporting this. We are also turning the parking lot into a bit of a car show. Celebs and friends will be bringing out there old Barracuda, Mustang, or whatever American classic they have in their garage. They will be talking to the media about there love affair and experiences with their cars. Nostalgia is very powerful. If people can remember what it meant to this country to have an auto industry, then maybe they can understand that it’s something we cannot lose.

Haya: How do you make sure the celebrities that attend your events are able to relax without being hounded by paps?
Jason: Most of our guests know the deal and make arrangements with us to arrive and depart undetected.

Haya: Where do you find your inspiration in the events that you produce?
Jason: Music relates everything and always sparks a thought.

Haya: What are some of your future career plans?
Jason: Bardot has been such a great thing for myself and the team that works on it. It’s only the beginning of the beginning. I’m really fortunate to work with people that believe in doing things differently. Steve Adelman saw some of the things we were doing before bardot and asked us to head up the vision of the venue. We took a meeting and met John Lyons , the owner of the Avalon and Bardot. His support has been crucial to doing the things we are. He’s been in the game for a long time and I have learned so much from him. He get’s it. There are some projects that we are working on now that are in the creation stage. I’ll just say that the future is something that we are all very excited about.

Haya: What advice would you give to a young person who moves to Los Angeles (or any city) and wants to break into a career like yours?
Jason: Do what you want to do. If you really believe in what you are doing it will work.

Haya: What differences do you see in the clubbing crowd today as opposed to when you first started out?
Jason: There’s a culture shift happening in the world right now. LA nightlife hasn’t paid attention to that in the past. At Bardot we all work really hard to provide a place where guests always get a different experience. It’s important to keep the place growing on every level. There’s a reason that places stay hot for 15 minutes and then die. The old business model is dead.

Haya: Who are some of your favorite DJ’s, musicians and bands?
Jason: I love all music. One of my favorite bands is the Catherine Wheel. The lead singer played an acoustic set for us last week. Huge prince fan too. He just shows up and jams. I’m really proud that we have a place that supports all of it. How it’s presented to our guests is the most important part. We like to be able to put artists that perform at Bardot in a different context. The guests love it and the artists too. Our Deejay’s at Bardot like Matthew Frauman have been great to us. Deejay Adam 12 always impresses me. He is a real pro and can do anything.

Haya: If you had to choose one city, anywhere in the world that you couldn’t leave for the rest of your life, what city would you choose?
Jason: I don’t have a strong answer for that. I can only say that for the time being I love my life living in Los Angeles.

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